Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekly Photo Challenge - "Painting with Light"

Painting with light is awesome... in fact it's so great we have to do this again soon! I had so many thing I wanted to try, but time didn't permit... so I ended up finding something to shoot around the house, which was still great fun :)

Here are the results, starting with my shot:

ISO 100
Aperture f/22
Shutter- approximately 45 seconds
Focal Length 65mm
A pitch black room and an LED headlamp :)

Monica's shot:

ISO 100
Aperture F3.5
Shutter 10sec
Focal Length 18mm

Jessica's shot:

ISO 200
Shutter 6 seconds
Aperture f/3.25
Focal length 50mm
LED flashlight

Leisel's shot:

ISO 400
Aperture f/5.6
Shutter 3.2 seconds

And our challenge for this week:

"Use your Bulb setting"

I'm having way too much fun with these long exposures... and I have so many ideas, so hopefully I'll have more time this week :)


quivrful said...

Why don't you share some of those ideas with me because I don't have a single one!!!!

Jessica said...

What do you shoot with, Mindy? I have a Canon TC-80N3 cord that I've never used and can't use. My Canon stuff got stolen right after my husband bought the cord for me. Then I decided to go with Nikon since I was basically starting from scratch. I have the timer release cord and a speedlight that are Canon still, just haven't gotten around to listing them on Ebay yet. Anyways, if you (or anyone else)are interested let me.

Yeah, this assignment is a little frustrating since I have a cable that does not work with my camera!

D*H*L said...

my friend is borrowing my camera in preparation for taking family photos for us. she's used to shooting with 35 mm, so i wanted her to get the feel for digital! i'll start up with assignments again next week!!