Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekly Photo Challenge - "Nighttime"

So I'm pretty sure I could do this challenge for a month, especially living in Las Vegas. There are SOO many things I wanted to photograph, and just never enough time! So here's my pic. This was photographed at the Red Rock Casino :)

Monica photographed her son's new night light. I love these things! It makes me want to go buy one for my girls now :)

And we have another photographer joining our weekly challenges! Grace is a professional photographer based out of St. George, UT. She captured this beautiful photograph of the St. George LDS temple last week.

Our challenge for this week is:


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Busy, busy, busy!

So Monica and I both agreed we should extend this week's photo challenge for at least another week, if not more! Neither one of us had taken any pictures for it yet. I know, I know... slackin' :)

We are both SO busy right now, and the funny thing is that we're both overwhelmed for the same reason. Monica just moved into her brand new house yesterday, and I will be moving into my new home in the next few days... if all goes well! We're both super excited, but definitely have WAY too much to do at the moment :)

But I promise... the photo challenge will return soon, in full force!

So although I don't have a picture for this week's challenge, I do have another fun waterfall picture from my trip to Havasupai that I haven't posted yet. So here you go. Enjoy :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ballet's rising star!

Today was so fun! I was able to photograph a beautiful young ballet dancer :) There are so many cute pics from this session, so I'll be adding more tomorrow. I just couldn't wait until I finished editing to put them all up. Here's your sneak preview!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weekly Photo Challenge - "Patterns"

This was fun! The hardest part was sticking with one idea! In the end I decided to photograph my guitar, because of the cool pattern the strings create. The best part about this challenge was that I actually picked up my dusty guitar and played for awhile... after I FINALLY put my camera down, lol. I'm thinking I need to do that more often!

And here's Monica's pic, you can't go wrong with a basket!

Our challenge for this week is:

"Night time" (no flash!)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Finally ordered my promo cards!

Getting married in Las Vegas?! Need a professional wedding photographer? Call me soon for a complimentary consultation!

So I was determined to get these promo cards designed this week and I actually did. Yay for self imposed deadlines, lol! If you know any engaged couples, tell them about my $50 print credit special :)

Here's the front of the card:

And the back:

Weekly Photo Challenge - "Hands"

After TRYING to get my kids to cooperate on several ideas I had for this challenge (note to self... stop procrastinating!), I finally got my 18 month old to do some sign language for me, lol. Both of my kids love signing, and now so do I! I would recommend signing for anyone with young children. It really helps eliminate SOME of the terrible twos. Plus... now we have a secret language that daddy doesn't understand... heehee

Here's my pic ;)

And here is Monica's pic. She photographed her and her husband holding hands for this one :) Cute!

And our challenge for this week is:


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sweet, sweet baby!

Today I was able to do newborn portraits of little baby M. He was the most precious little guy, I had so much fun! I'm convinced that right around 10 days old is the perfect time to do a newborn shoot... it's magical :) We were able to get all of the peaceful sleeping shots and a few with his eyes wide open. I couldn't ask for more!

Here are a few of the pics, enjoy!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weekly Photo Challenge - "At Your Feet"

I love how these photo challenges have a way of getting me out to explore my surroundings. Today I took my girls on a bike ride around our neighborhood, looking for interesting stuff to photograph along the way. We spotted this perfect white fence along a horse path, so I decided to shoot it from the viewpoint of my feet :) And yes, I ended up lying face first in the dirt for this one, lol. Fun times!

And here is Monica's pic. Her kids helped her on this one...she told them to bring her the most colorful rocks they could find and they brought her these :) Too cute!

And our challenge for this week is:


More maternity!

Last weekend I drove up to my sister's place to do maternity portraits for her. We transformed her nursery into a little studio for the shoot :) I had so much fun and I think they turned out great. Isn't she super cute pregnant!? Now I can't wait for that baby to arrive in July! Here are a few of my favs: